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About us

SURAGUS GmbH develops contact-free testing systems for both inline and offline characterization of functional conductive thin-films (TCO, Nanowires, Graphen, Cu, Al, Zn).

The eddy current testing solutions allow the fast and accurate analysis of several crucial quality characteristics.

SURAGUS offers single-point devices as well as inline systems and mapping solutions for the quality assurance of thin film systems. The contactless eddy current measuring system allows the real-time monitoring of various relevant parameters. Through customizations and optional features, the solutions can be optimized for specific testing tasks.

The contact-free characterization of thin films is especially relevant to glass applications (e.g. LowE), touchscreens and flat monitors, OLED applications or photovoltaics. Solutions for the quality assurance Thin-Films are mainly applied in the automotive and aircraft industry, but also requested in the energy sector.

Products and services

We are offer non-contact single-point, mapping and inline measurement systems for sheet resistance, optical transmission and thickness measurement.
EddyCus® TF lab 2020

EddyCus® TF lab 2020

Non-contact sheet resistance and layer thickness measurement device for single point measurements

The EddyCus TF lab 2020 allows manual single point measurements of conductive thin films and layer thickness measurement of thin metal layers in non-contact mode. The compact bench-top device is ideal for fast and accurate measurements of samples up to 200 x 200 mm² (8 x 8 inches). In addition to the measurement of thin conductive layers also doped wafers and conductive polymers can be analyzed.

EddyCus® TF portable 1010

EddyCus® TF portable 1010

Handheld device for sheet resistance measurement

The EddyCus TF portable is a handy and portable measurement device for fast contact measurement of large glasses and foils in production or in the field, for example for quick quality checks after manufacturing or as incoming good inspection. The handheld device allows the measurement even of hidden and encapsulated layers. It is an easy-to-use device that is controlled via a touch display.

EddyCus® TF map 2525SR

EddyCus® TF map 2525SR

The Eddy­Cus TF map 2525SR automatically measures the sheet resistance of large samples up to 250 x 250 mm² (10 x 10 inches) in non-contact mode. Upon manu­al sample positioning the device automatically measures and displays an accurate mapping of the sheet resistance across the entire sample area. The measurement settings allow easily and flexibly to choose between fast measurement times of below 1 minute or high spatial measurement resolution of more than 100,000 measurement points.


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Sales Manager
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Labindia Instruments Pvt. Ltd.
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Phone: +91 22 25986061

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