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Float Batch Charger HFB 2025

HORN batch charger HFB 2025 is used for continuous feeding of a float glass furnace.
Charging is done by the mechanical pushing devices.
The chargers are installed in the front part of the melting end at the dog house across its full width. The operating element of the charger is driven by the electric motor.
The batch is supplied on the operating element from the special hopper located at the top of the furnace.
Batch and cullet chargers are controlled in such way that the glass level in the melting tank measured by the level control system is constant.
The gap between the melting end and the chargers will be covered over the total width of the doghouse and will be executed in two parts.
Benefits are:
User friendly maintenance
Long life of charging chute by the use of wear-resistant materials
Closed doghouse
Easy access for maintenance works

Exhibitor: HORN Glass Industries AG

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